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Defined by its multi-technology, single-platform design, the Alma Harmony cosmetic laser can provide your clinic or spa with optimal results for a wide variety of clientele. In fact, since the launch of this aesthetic treatment laser in 2004 as part of Alma’s flagship line, the Harmony laser developed worldwide acclaim for its versatility, expandability and predictably reliable outcomes.

Versatility is the name of the game — the Alma laser features a customizable platform with 12 laser and light-based technologies for 70 popular indications in a single, affordable system. Therefore, dermatologists, health practitioners, and technicians can adjust the laser settings for a specific patient and/or laser treatment. Some popular laser treatments available with this system include:

  • Acne
  • Fractionated skin treatment
  • Leg veins
  • Deep dermal heating
  • Tattoo removal
  • Vascular and pigmented lesions
  • Wrinkles and acne scars

With the Laser360iQ™ function for cosmetic treatments, the Alma Harmony also provides skin rejuvenation applications.

The Alma Harmony includes a portable, four-wheel design that allows it to quickly and easily move from treatment room to treatment room. Furthermore, its intuitive, easy-to-navigate touchscreen interface, laser operators can switch between laser treatment indications with a touch of a button.

The Alma Harmony lasers also boast pain-free application that requires almost no downtime between treatments.

Alma Harmony Review

“I like that the Harmony includes both the visible and non-visible wavelengths. Using AFT, I notice an improvement in color as well as with tone and texture. The Harmony system provides, by far, the widest range of applications. Changing from one handpiece to another is very easy. It takes approximately 30 seconds. The system is also cost effective.”
Ilan Karavani, M.D.

Alma Harmony Main Features

  • Combination of more than 12 technologies in a single system
  • Capable of more than 60 aesthetic/medical applications
  • IN-Motion technology
  • Expandable platform technology
  • High output energy
  • Dimensions: 15.7″ x 21.7″ x 48.5″
  • Weight: 133 pounds
  • Electrical: 100-120 VAC, 5 A, 50/60 Hz or 220-240 VAC, 2.5 A, 50/60 Hz

Alma Harmony Video Spotlight

The Alma Harmony Multi-Application System stands as a sophisticated, expandable platform for aesthetic laser and light treatments. Moreover, combining its affordable design, reliable and results-driven performance, and versatility, a new or used Alma Harmony can be a major revenue booster for your salon, clinic, or cosmetic laser center.

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