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The BTL Vanquish has been called a breakthrough in non-evasive fat removal treatments that your clients can rely on. With its FDA-approved body contouring procedure, the BTL Vanquish uses radio-frequency (RF) energy to heat and kill fat cells. Contactless RF application also allows unrivaled levels of patient comfort and safety.

Through intelligent electrical impedance monitoring of various tissue layers, the BTL Vanquish automatically tunes its energy frequency to match and target its thermal energy into the impedance range of fat tissue. This high-tech capability allows the BTL laser to solely target fatty tissues while leaving other tissues completely unaffected. Furthermore, this cosmetic laser induces a heat-based apoptosis that covers the entire circumference of the abdominal area.

Through BTL’s acclaimed Energy Flow Control™ technology, the BTL Vanquish also ensures that the RF heating effects are delivered only to deep fat tissues, which further protects the surrounding skin layers.

BTL Vanquish Reviews

“What makes BTL Vanquish ME such a great option is its homogeneous distribution of thermal energy. The newly designed BTL Vanquish ME Core Applicator allows for even elevation of temperature across large volumes of fat tissue which is the key to cumulative circumferential reduction.” – Jeanine Downie, MD, director of Image Dermatology, Montclair, NJ

BTL Vanquish Main Features

  • No downtime between treatments
  • Non-invasive wrinkle reduction and fat reduction treatments
  • Painless application
  • EFC technology for increased patient comfort and safety
  • Results visible after a single treatment
  • Long-lasting results
  • Contactless technology
  • Large treatment area
  • Short and pleasant treatments

BTL Vanquish Video Spotlight

The BTL Vanquish has certainly made waves throughout the body contouring and fat reduction world, and your patients can expect consistent results and painless application for every laser treatment. Furthermore, by searching for your new or used BTL Vanquish laser system with Medshare Laser, you can always rely on our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

This laser adds a powerful, results-based dynamic to any cosmetic laser center, and you can have a new or used system at your center with no risk involved. To speak with a technician regarding this popular and powerful laser, call us today at 888-617-7870 or use the form below.