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Lumenis LightSheer Duet


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As its name implies, the Lumenis LightSheer Duet includes multiple, high-performance laser technologies for reliable and effective permanent hair removal. Furthermore, with a dramatically increased spot size (22 x 35 mm), the LightSheer Duet holds wide acclaim for its ability to treat backs and legs in only 15 minutes, making hair removal a profitable service without the need for costly anesthetics and gels.

The larger spot size of the LightSheer Duet also enables deeper epidermal penetration, enhancing laser efficacy for hair removal without sacrificing patient safety and comfort. Two optimal wavelength options with this 800 nm diode system increase versatility as well. For instance, the system’s dual handpieces include:

  • LightSheer ET
    • 9 x 9 mm spot size
    • Fluence up to 100 J/cm2
    • ChillTip™ continuous contact cooling
    • Pulse widths up to 400 ms
  • LightSheer HS
    • 22 x 35 mm spot size
    • Largest spot size of any diode
    • Integrated vacuum-assist technology
    • Pulse widths up to 400 ms
    • No cooling or anesthetics required

Moreover, integrating the LightSheer Duet into your dermatology practice, cosmetic laser center, or aesthetic medicine practice is easy and straightforward. The Duet’s intuitive touchscreen control panel features both recommended treatment settings as well as customizable treatment pre-sets. No matter if treating the back, legs, arms, or any part of the body, the LightSheer Duet means high-performance hair removal for patients and optimal control and ease-of-use for laser operators.

Lumenis LightSheer Duet Review

“The new LightSheer DUET is extremely well tolerated by patients. My hair removal nurse likes the single pulsing for treatment speed and patient comfort. My expectation is the LightSheer diode will perform better as it penetrates deeper…This system is definitely worth pursuing.” – Girish Munavalli, MD

Lumenis LightSheer Duet Main Features

  • Laser type: AIGaAs Diode Arrays
  • Wavelength: 800 nm
  • Peak power: 1600 W
  • Spot size: 9mm x 9mm (ET version) or 22 mm x 35 mm (HS version)
  • Repetition rate: up to 3 Hz
  • Dimensions: 17.4” x 19.7” x 44”
  • Weight: 105 lbs.
  • Power supply: 100-240 VAC, 15 A max, 50/60 Hz, single-phase grounded outlet

Lumenis LightSheer Duet Video Spotlight

The Lumenis LightSheer Duet is your multiple-technology system designed for performance and versatility. With a minimal learning curve required and a combination of customizable and recommended treatment pre-sets, you can easily start providing laser hair removal to your patients in no time at all.

Furthermore, we at Medshare Laser include a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with every new or pre-owned LightSheer Duet laser. You can add this system to your practice, start bringing in a profit, and enjoy the peace-of-mind of having Medshare Laser looking out for your best interests. To speak with an Medshare Laser technician about the LightSheer Duet or any of our hair removal lasers, contact us today at 888-685-3081 or use the form below.