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Quanta Light 4V


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The Quanta Light 4V laser is one of the most versatile cosmetic and medical lasers on the market today. Featuring Quanta’s Clinic in a System® technology, this multi-functional aesthetic laser uses up to four wavelengths to treat many unwanted conditions on all skin colors and types.

Therefore, as an “all-in-one unit,” you can forget the need to purchase multiple lasers for your clinic or salon; the wavelengths in the Quanta Light 4V include:

Quanta Light 4V Cosmetic Laser | Medshare Laser

The flexibility offered by the Light 4V also allows your practice to tackle a wide variety of cosmetic laser treatments, medical laser treatments, and even laser surgery treatments. Specifically, this laser technology is ideal for:

  • Vascular lesion removal
  • Pigmented lesion removal
  • Port wine stain removal
  • Laser Skin rejuvenation
  • Acne scars
  • Skin tightening
  • Hair removal
  • Rosacea
  • Leg veins
  • Spider vein removal

The Light 4V system takes about a minute to warm up, and patients may experience a sunburn-like sensation for about an hour after the cosmetic treatment. This device also requires little maintenance and, because it doesn’t use consumables, it upholds a cost-effective reputation. Furthermore, your patients can expect utmost comfort when going through a laser treatment, as the integrated Sapphire tip produces a cooling sensation during application.

This Light 4V laser can use four different handpieces, such as:

  • Variable spot size laser head
  • Twain IPL laser head
  • Twain 1320 laser head
  • Twain 2940 er:YAG laser head

Quanta Light 4V Main Features

  • Performs at four different wavelengths for maximum versatility
  • Laser type: Alexandrite and Nd:YAG
  • Wavelength: Variable, 755 nm long pulse, 1065 nm short pulse, 1065 nm long pulse, 532 nm
  • Pulse width: Variable
  • Spot size: Variable, Up to 16 mm
  • Repetition rate: Variable, Up to 7 Hz
  • Dimensions: 900 mm x 480 mm x 930 mm
  • Weight: 85-90 Kg
  • Power: 220-230 V AC; 16 A; 50-60 Hz

Quanta Laser Removal Product Video

The Quanta Light 4V aesthetic laser is truly a Clinic in a System® device, giving your practice a wide variety of treatment types without sacrificing optimal performance and low-maintenance quality. Furthermore, with any of our new or used Quanta Light 4V lasers, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

For more information about our used laser systems, or if you have any questions about this state-of-the-art technology and how it can help your practice, please use the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.