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Rohrer Aesthetics Phoenix-15 CO2


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The Rohrer Aesthetics Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser System delivers powerful swift-scanning functionality at an attractive price point. A reliable and versatile laser system, the Phoenix-15 CO2 can be used to perform a variety of cosmetic procedures safely and comfortably. Phoenix 15-CO2 laser treatments feature a scanner treatment size from 5mm up to 30mm, allowing physicians to treat everything from fine lines on the face, to larger areas of pigmentation on the arms and legs.

With the Phoenix-15 Co2 laser, you can deliver the following treatments to your patients:

  • Scar reduction
  • Smoothing of fine lines
  • Coarse wrinkle reduction
  • Elimination of skin tags and warts
  • Lifting and removal of excess skin around the eyelids
  • Pigmention reduction

With an advanced design and outstanding features, physicians rely on the Phoenix-15 CO2 to deliver incredible results quickly and easily. The highly portable system delivers powerful laser light and heat to help reduce fine lines and smooth wrinkles. The Phoenix-15 CO2 also includes an incisional handpiece for blehpararoplasty, a safe and popular option for lifting and removing excess skin around the upper and lower eyelids for an instant lift. The system has zero consumables and an easy to operate design, making it a smart option for users who want maximum versatility and portability at an affordable price.

The Phoenix CO2 Main Features:

  • Zone scanner mount keeps scanner in place for longer, larger treatments
  • Versatile multi-use handpiece
  • No disposables
  • Comes with operator eyewear and patient eyewear
  • Micro-Thermal zone scanner handpiece
  • Dissembles into multiple modules for easy transport
  • Adjustable scanner treatment size (5mm-30mm)
  • Manual, power cord, key and remote interlock included

The Rohrer Aesthetics Phoenix-15 CO2 is a powerful and versatile laser that is ideal for a wide range of applications. And with the used Rohrer Aesthetics Phoenix-15 CO2 systems available through Medshare Laser, you automatically receive our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. From skin rejuvenation to vascular reduction, you can enjoy this laser in your clinic or salon at no-risk to you.

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