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New Vertex Q-Switch Laser


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The Vertex Q-Switch Laser adopts a Q-switch Nd: Yag laser module with bi-wavelength of 1064nm & 532nm. The wavelength could be switched by electrical control. For 1064nm, the maximum pulse energy is over 600mJ; fr 532nm, the maximum pulse energy is over 300mJ.

This is the most effective method of tattoo removal compared to other mechanisms.

With new advances in Q-switch Nd laser technology, tattoo removal can be achieved with minimal risk of leaving a permanent pigmentary alteration on the skin. The Q-switch Nd 532 nm laser can be used to remove red, sky blue and green pigments. The 1064 nm is used for removal of black and blue pigments.

Expert laser technicians will be able to remove any tattoo, regardless of the ink color and to do so, you will need multiple laser wavelengths to get it done. Different laser wavelengths are needed to remove different colors of tattoo ink. It is based on light absorption.

Some tattoo pigments absorb wavelengths of light better than others and to provide optimal tattoo removal, you must make sure that the laser wavelengths you are using are deeply absorbed by the tattoo inks you are treating. The 1064nm laser wavelength is proper for treating pigmented lesions such as nevus of ota. The 532nm laser wavelength is proper for solar lentigines birthmark, senile lentigines, freckles, nevus spilus, etc.

Vertex Q-Switch Advantages:

  • Safest method of tattoo removal
  • Painless Tattoo Removal
  • Low Scarring
  • Minimal Recovery
  • FDA Approved

Photoelectric Property:

  • Laser output mode: Q-switch pulse
  • Q-Switch Display: 10.4″ LCD Screen
  • Laser Wavelength: 1064/532nm
  • Pulse Duration: 5ns +/- 1ns
  • Maximum pulse energy at the end of articulated arm: 500mJ@1064nm; 200mJ@532nm

Basic Parameters:

  • Dimension (without articulated arm, width x length x height: 370mm x 957mm x 992mm)
  • Total Weight (including articulated arm): 80kg
  • Power Input: 1200VA
  • Rated current of leakage: 10A
  • Repetition Rate: 1-5Hz
  • Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance: NOHD 3.3km
  • Cooling system: Built-in closed circulating water cooling