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New Vertex V Frost Laser Hair Removal Machine

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The V-Frost laser hair removal machine is one of our top lasers machines and it’s designed to produce pain-free treatments to achieve the best results. The V-Frost comes with a 5 day money back warranty, if you don’t like it for whatever reason simply return the machine and you can step away from the deal. You can expect full-service/maintenance for up to 1 year, included in the price.

V-Frost Advantages:

  • 1200 watts
  • High-density non-ablative diode laser
  • Laser panel height is adjustable by articulated arm
  • Deep penetration by the LLL (low-level laser) for hair restoration treatment
  • Microcurrent probe (handheld) and comb for hair regrowth therapy
  • Applicable for all skin type and hair type, comfortable and painless for clients
  • No downtime

V-Frost Specifications:

  • Laser Type: Diode Laser
  • Display: 15” color touch LCD Screen
  • Laser wavelength: 808nm
  • Treatment Laser Spot: 12 x12mm2 + 20mm
  • Pulse width: 8-685ms (continuously adjustable)
  • Energy density: 2-120J/cm2 (continuously adjustable)
  • Pulse frequency: 0.5-10Hz
  • Cooling mode: Close-cycle water cooling contact cooling for the lasing head is 0.3 C
  • Power supply: AC 220/50Hz, AC 110/60Hz
  • Size: 50 x 44 x 110cm
  • Net Weight: 56.4kg= 120 pounds
  • Packing: Aluminum alloy case

Diode Laser Hair Removal Instrument is a device which adopts the high-energy and continuous diode laser to realize the conversion of electricity, light and heat energy, and thus achieves disease treatment. Therefore, this is a laser therapeutic product that integrates laser technology, electronic technology, computer science and medical science.

Working principle of diode laser hair removal instrument is as follows:

  • under the control of microprocessor
  • -laser power supply can provide the adjustable constant current for the laser module
  • -the high-power laser diode in the laser module can transform the electric energy into the light, generate the continuous laser beam with a wavelength of 808nm.

Through the light crystal, the laser beam can irradiate the tissue to be de-haired, pass through the external layer of skin and arrive the roots of hair follicles, the light energy is absorbed and converted into the thermal energy for destroying hair follicles, so that make the hair to be lost and lose the regeneration capacity, reaching the permanent hair removal purposes.

V-Frost Features:

  • 808nm USA Laser
  • Professional OEM/ODM services: professional services on software & hardware design and production
  • Quick: big spot size 12 x 12 mm2, just move the probe on skin only which can achieve a big area treatment
  • Efficiency: 808 nm is in the spectrum of near-infrared (0.75 ~ 1.50 μm) region, effective to absorb melanin and goes through dermis to reach the adipose tissue, acting on different area and depth of hair.
  • Excellent treatment result can be expected at the first treatment and suitable to all types of hair.
  • Comfortable: painless—sapphire temperature cool down 0~30C, comfortable in the whole treatment; also, no scar in/after treatment
  • Perfect cooling system: semiconductor + air + water, good performance for long time working
  • High quality machine shell: ABS material